Amazon Echo SmartJ Binding Last Voice Command not working anymore


  1. Create a dummy dimmer (I called mine RemoteCommand_Alexa).
  2. In the Alexa App: select: More (bottom right) → Routines → Plus (+ top right)
  3. Rename your routine
  4. Add event: Voice - Enter the words you want to say to trigger your rules in OpenHAB
  5. Add an action: Smart Home → Lights → Select your dummy dimmer (RemoteCommand_Alexa for me)
  6. Press Next
  7. Select Brightness → set value (1 to 100)
  8. Press Next
  9. Press Save
  10. Now in OpenHAB create a rule triggered on item changed (Item RemoteCommand_Alexa received command)
  11. In the body list your if/else conditions or switch conditions based on the state of your dummy dimmer.
rule "React on Remote Command Alexa (RemoteCommand_Alexa) change/update"
	Item RemoteCommand_Alexa received command

	logInfo("remotecommand", "RemoteCommand_Alexa received: " + receivedCommand)
	val cmd = receivedCommand

	if (cmd == 10) {
		val loc = transform("MAP", "", AlsWatch_location.state.toString)
		SpeakString.sendCommand("al is in " + loc)

	if (cmd == 11) {
		val loc = transform("MAP", "", SpouseWatch_location.state.toString)
		SpeakString.sendCommand("the wife is in " + loc)

	RemoteCommand_Alexa.postUpdate(0)  //Reset dimmer to ensure changes occur


Forgot to mention. Make sure your dimmer is accessible to Alexa:

Dimmer RemoteCommand_Alexa "Remote Command Alexa [%d]" <none> (Other) {alexa="Lighting"}

Continuing the discussion from Amazon Echo SmartJ Binding Last Voice Command not working anymore:

Hi first of all, thank you very much for your work.
I have a somewhat specific problem and hope you could help me.
I have installed the latest version of the Echo SmartJ bindings and the last voice command from my Echo Studio is also updated in Openhab.
In my room, however, an Echo Studio and a Fire TV Cube are combined to form a home theater.
When I try to query the last voice command of my Fire TV Cube, it is always ZERO. I have already logged out and re-registered.
It is also strange that the Cube is not automatically found by the binding. I added it via the serial number.
Could it be that the binding is not compatible with the Fire TV Cube?
The Cube was recognized in the original binding without any problems.