Amazon Echo Volume Control via KNX switch


after my update to 2.3 stable, I wanted to use the Eche Control Binding, starting with Volume Control via KNX.
I used the KNX switch to control the volume of my Onkyo, but I want to change that to control the volume of my Echo dot.
I made a dimmer Item with a KNX Group adress and linked that to the volume thing in the Paper UI.
What happens is, that the volume is always set to 1. I think this is due to the fact, that the bus sends a 12,5% increase command again and again as long as I am on the button.

Is ther any workaround, maybe with pressing the button just once to increase the volume by one step (no press and hold)

I hope you guys understand what I mean an can give me a hint.



Same approach

Thank you

It works