Amazon-ha-bridge with openhab 1

Hi there,

I still using OH1 because of problems with knx integration or gateway problems. Now I wanted to implement my Amazon Echo. For that I installed the amazon-ha-bridge, created some devices in the item-file and put the binding file into addons folder.

In the openhab log are some values like:
Failed to connect to Hue bridge: HTTP error code: 500
I tried different software versions of the binding. 1.7.0 and 1.9.0.

When I put the documented tag into the item file like [“Switchable”] I get a lot of errors. So I tried only hue=“0” (e.g.) without success.

In the bridge log I can see, that Alexa try to receive my devices. Wenn I try the link
it is working.

But it seems that there are no devices in the bridge. Of course I created them by the web frontend.

Any Ideas?

I created a similar post at:

without success.

Now I have no further ideas. What can I do?

All the best!