Amazon Key Integration

I’m guessing Amazon is going to keep their API for their Key service hidden/secret, but has anyone looked at it and tried to dissect it? I’d be really interested to see the Amazon Key API talk with OpenHAB instead of directly with a smart lock.

I’d like to use the Key service to allow a driver to unlock the magnetic lock on my front gate, but not the smart lock on my front door. If OpenHAB could talk with the Key API, the driver could, in theory, send an unlock request and I could do what I want with it (turn the maglock off). I could even put conditions around it on the OpenHAB side (ie: only during certain hours, only when house is unoccupied).

I’m guessing this will never happen because of possible liabilities on Amazon, but It would be cool. I’d be a lot more comfortable allowing a driver to open a gate rather than my door especially if I could put policies around it with OpenHAB rules.