Amazon Products and openHAB

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Amazon and openHAB harmonizes great.
Is there a way to import the Basic Amazon Stuff like the Amazon Socket? Is IT possible with the WIFI Binding?

Thanks for any answears!

Not directly. That socket just uses your Wi-Fi to communicate directly with Amazon cloud servers, You can use OH to send commands to alexa to manage it though. have a socket but have not done that & it currently is not in use.

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Is it through the Alexa Binding?

yes I think a lot of people has some basic smart home stuff from Amazon. It is not expensive and works fine…
The Vision to control the socket via openHAB at HomeKit is very cool. I know there are other sockets which even support HomeKit.

Keep in mind that you are dependent on an active internet connection and that amazon could change the interface so that the alexa binding might need to be adapted in order to use your socket with openHAB.

So don’t use the socket for anything that should run under all circumstances (e.g. heating, boiler for warm water, …)

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In the docs is:

Discover Smart Home Devices

If you want to discover your smart home devices you need to activate it in the ‘Amazon Account’ thing. Devices from other skills can be discovered too. See section Smart Home Devices below for more information.

(Amazon Echo Control - Bindings | openHAB)

But if I discover at http://openhab:8080/amazonechocontrol/ only my Echo Control is listed.

In the items example is:
Switch Plug_State “On/Off” { channel=“amazonechocontrol:smartHomeDevice:account1:smartHomeDevice2:powerState” }

Actually that putles and an Echo Dot were a gift starting me on my smart home hobby.

Many of us prefer devices not requiring cloud access and vendors prefer devices locking you into their clod walled gardens. Fortunately there are standards designed for smart home such as Z-Eave & Zigbee that are designed for local control and to minimize battery usage. Wi-Fi has a high overhead just for the network protocol.