[AmazonEchoControl] No binding required?

On my setup (openHAB 3.4.2 Release Build) the Bridge-Thing for the Amazon-Account as well as the connected Echo devices remain ONLINE although neither the “Amazon Echo Control Binding” nor the “Smarthome/J-Amazon Echo Control Binding” are installed anymore! Controlling openHAB items via an Echo and sending commands to an item linked to an Echo-Channel are working as well.
After removing both binding types I did restart openHAB.
Am I missing something?

After using the “Amazon Echo Control Binding” for sometime I oberserved several errors in the log (probably a year ago). By installing the Smarthome/J version the errors were gone.
When trying to use some more rules in relation with the Echo device I observed some “problems” which made me remove both bindings.
The “problems” are gone, all related items are working. I wouldn’t have expected that!

Looks like there is a binding installed that is not listed in UI. You can find out by using list | grep -i amazon ok the Karaf console.

Good catch (should have come up with that by myself :blush:).
“Bundle:list” did show the Smathome/J version still installed.

Thanks for this hint!