Ambient Weather weather stations

They’re wifi connected, and I found this one is pretty cheap It has ifttt integration also.

Does anyone have any experience with them?

Did you buy a weather station, if so which one and how well does it work in Openhab2?
I have been looking at this model, so interested in how you found yours if you purchased it?

Link above is advertised to connect directly to wifi and publish to wunderground. Then you can use the openhab binding to fetch the data from wunderground.

I’ve got a rebranded version of that station. It works great as far as I know.

The downside is that by default it sends its data direct to wunderground every 15 seconds but wunderground only allows occasional data retrieval for free (every 5 mins I think).

There’s a workaround using a PHP script and webserver to get the data direct from the weather station, details in this topic

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I didn’t get any in the end.