weather station binding

I did and the result is the same.

I edited the above post. Try that.

Thanks, at least I don’t get an error anymore.
BTW: I copied all items from the documentation and got an error - as it turned out a ‘"’ was missing at

String WS1400IP_PressureTrend "Pressure Trend [%s] 

Now all links have been added successfully, and the bridge has become online! Thanks for the help.

Thanks. I’ll push a few fixes to the docs.

Mark, after successful installation I have a couple of odd values, which might be linked to the units. I used the items definition as per documentation:

The result is as follows:

The values in the Ambient Weather dashboard:

So the problems are:

  • rain fall hourly rate has a wrong unit (km/h instead of mm/h)
  • rain fall day should be mm instead of m
  • battery does not translate although I put the map file in the right location(no errors in the log file)
  • I do not get a location although one exists in the AW dashboard

I am running 2.5.0 RC1

For “rain fall day”, try replacing %unit% with mm. Or, better yet, try putting these in a sitemap. I’m not sure PaperUI does a proper rendering of QuantityTypes, nor do I think it supports MAP transforms.

To know what’s going on here, I’d need to see the json string returned by the API. Can you put the binding in debug mode, then post the json displayed in the log file? Mask the MAC address if you don’t want it posted on the forum.

The switch to sitemap fixed the issue. I had to change the unit to “mm” for the Daily Rain amount, though, it would come as m. I still have to get to the location issue.

Is there a trick to getting an Application Key? I’ve submitted multiple requests through the dashboard, but it only ever shows “(application key)”, then the API key. Do I need to access it somewhere else?

There shouldn’t be any trick. But, I haven’t looked at it in a while. Will look now…

After clicking on the Click here link, you should see something like this. Just say that you need an app key for your openHAB installation.

Yep, did that, but the key never shows up (just says “(Application Key)” where it should be. Are the keys manually approved? Maybe there’s just nobody home right now…

I think they might be manually approved. At one point, I seem to recall there was something that said it might take up to 24 hours.

Given the current situation, it also could be that no one’s home.

Well, thanks for checking. I don’t suppose you would want to share your App/API key in the meantime…? :slight_smile:

How long have you been waiting for the key?

About a week. I think I submitted the first req Wed. or Thurs of last week.

Why don’t use use the other binding which fetches the data directly even if your internet connection fails? Just need a ip observer unit which if u don’t have can be purchased separately.

I used to use that binding, but it stopped working early this year resisted all attempts to fix it. It’s actually still installed since it refuses to uninstall. Anyways, I got fed up with it and figured I would try this one instead.

Y’know, the Wonderful World of OpenHAB. :slight_smile:

@mhilbush Thanks for the great Binding :ok_hand:
I have a WS-1550-IP (in Paper UI 1400-IP), how can I change the solar radiatioin to lux ? On AmbientWeather it works …I tried to change %unit% to lux but it does not work…

Edit: And even KM/h and Knots…

Interesting question (which means I don’t know the answer LOL).

I thought lux (lumens/m2) and solar radiation (W/m2) were two different things. One being a measure of light intensity per unit area and the other a measure of energy per unit area. Therefore, I don’t think UOM will do the conversion for you. Others more knowledgable about the subject can chime in here…

One thing you could do is create another item, then whenever solar radiation changes do the conversion in a rule using the following conversion factor.

You also could take a similar approach for the conversion to knots.

I have issue with the binding: openHAB 4.0 Release cloud connection issue - #2 by kovacsi2899
Don’t know if anybody can check what could be the issue.