Ambilight binding?

Does anyone know a binding our good approach to screengrab and sent colors to openhab items from PC.

I have a PC and want to transfer color information via OH to LEDs in my living room.

Most solutions I have found require separate hardware (USB HDMI capture stick) and therefore have many other problems (no HDR support, more cost, etc).

There are already capture solutions with API like , but I could not find a binding for it. One user already created some py code to send commands from oh to lightpack.

do I run into the wrong direction or is there really nothing yet?

From my point of view I would not do that inside openhab.
That would be a lot “messages” while watching an movie.

I would use a solution like that:

LED STRIPE with WLED as Software to change the LED Colors
Hyperion to grab the screen and tell WLED what color is needed.
The communication to quickly change the colours would be over UDP.
Openhab to Switch the LEDS on / off at the beginning or the end of the movie.

see Wled As there is a binding and you can do ambilight with wled.

If you only wanted to scrape colours from a music album cover, then there would be no problem using openhab, but for live video feeds as suggested it would be better to use an external stand alone device.

I already have a lot of leds and lights which are integrated into OH, I could flash LED controllers with tasmota to get more direct access via mqtt to it, but I don´t know how bad latency would be.

Currently my leds are only controllable per stripe and not per single LED, so data amount would not be that much to transmit.

Eg. transmit left side of screen color to indirect leds on left wall

Usually this should not be a big deal of tech challenge, since colors can be grabbed directly in windows and update OH items to match colors. I was hoping that there is already a solution for that purpose. As far as I read, Hyperion has several issues (e.g. 4k HDR not working etc) and I dont want to mess around with aditional hardware and adapters, when everything is already there.