Amcrest AD110 Video Doorbell Integration

So I’ve decided to get back in the OpenHAB game. I had a decent setup a couple years back but crashed it with an update and just never got around to fixing it up. Anyways, besides the point.

I’m starting fresh and I would like to integrate a doorbell camera into my OpenHAB. While I will integrate the camera into the system that’s not what this is about. There seem to be enough info floating around on integrating ONVIF/RTSP cameras. What I’m interested in is intigrating the button part. When someone presses the button it could trigger an event.

I’ve decided on the Amcreat AD110. Main reasons being are

Power via hardwire
Cloud is optional (and I will not be using it)
Intigratable with Blue Iris

So does anyone have any ideas how I might integrate the button into OpenHAB?