An item with this name is in use - but not visible at all!

I’m missing a room! One of my sons got lost in the OPENHAB3 space :smiley:

The room is called “Paul” - I’m not able to create a new one since OH remembers it somehow. But when searching for it, it cannot be found.

Where’s my mistake?
Happy to read about any inspiration.

Tick the show non semantic box at the bottom of the page and it might show up again.
It might be possible that you have removed the semantics by accident.

Other option is to go to the items menu and search it there, than verify the given settings.

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I’ts been a long time ago - thank you for any patience. Now, I’ve got the time to debug that thing.
Thank you for that advice. It seemed to be logical. But no, I couldn’t find the given entities. Neither on “non semantic” nor in the Items search.

Although I’ve been restarting and updating the docker container for several times, might it be possible that any cache would store an accidentally removed node?
I recognized, that not only the “room” item is lost. Moreover, all child items are lost as well. Not findable, not recreatable.

Best wishes for you and the last days in 2022.
Kind regards