Analyze option on Aggregate group items (openhab 3.0.1)

I’ve got a group defined as an aggregate switch - one on then on else off type logic and I’ve noticed that there is no way to analyze the group item - you can only analyze the member switches. Is there a way to configure allowing to view the rollup as it is simply an on/off state? This would be much more useful.


You’ll need to create a custom rrd4j.persist file and in addition to configuring the current default

* : strategy=everyMinute,everyChange,restoreOnStartup

you’ll need to add a row that explicitly saves the Groups.

MyGroup1,MyGroup2 : strategy=everyMinute,everyChange
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Reposting as previous post affected by server issue.

Hi @rlkoshak

Thanks so much for your reply. I am also having this issue and have created the rrd4j.persist file as follows:

* : strategy=everyMinute,everyChange,restoreOnStartup

GPS_Presence_Home,Partitions_Armed_Group : strategy=everyMinute,everyChange

However I am still not egtting the Analyze option. Any idea what might be wrong?


What’s your default persistence setting?

It is RRD4j.

There are two things at play here.

  1. Persisting all the members of a Group, which is what your config does.

  2. Persisting the state of a Group, which is what I believe the original post was about, right?

Unless something has changed in how persistence works, your example doesn’t solve 2 which was the original question.

Whoops good catch - I should have just the group name to persist the name of the group right? I realize earlier when I checked if mine was working I was being too hasty. After adjusting to remove the * at the end I too don’t see an analyze button. I did a full system restart to ensure the persist file was read in. rrd4j is set as my default service as well.

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any other suggestion to get this working then? seems Mark and I are both having issue still. Thanks for all of your help on this

All I know is if you list the Group without the * it should save the Group’s state. You can confirm whether or not that’s working by querying for the data using the REST API.

If data is being saved, I imagine all you can do is file an issue.

When I do a call to /rest/persistence/items?serviceId=rrd4j I get an empty response body.

When I do a do a call to /rest/persistence/items/tracker_occupancy I get a response body that includes all of the datapoints that exist

Looks like we need to file an issue.

Hi get the same and I get data point witht eh following:

Github issue submitted


The above seems to have some useful pointers… I was able to create a chart page of my group from the analyze option of one of the members.

Seems to just be an issue with Analyze on Groups as the data is all there.

Hope it helps you too.