Analyzer does not show grid with value

I do have a wind widget which shows me the windspeed. The widget works and the current windspeed is displayed. Now I want to enable the analyzer with following code:

- component: oh-label-item
              action: analyzer
              actionAnalyzerCoordSystem: time
              actionAnalyzerItems: =[props.windItem]
              icon: '="f7:wind" '
              iconColor: '=(items[props.windItem].state < Number(props.windMax)  ? "red" : "green")'
              item: Wetterstation_Dach_Wind
              title: ="Wind"

When pressing on the UI windspeed widget the page changes to the “analyer” page but I can not see any number?

Can someone help please?

You have persistence set up?

I would say it is ON because when I go to Model → Item I see at the top of the item to whole history in a nice graph (Analyze).

But I can not see it when I use the same item in the widget (see code). Any ideas?

Assuming that props.windItem is actually the parameter name then the code looks correct. I can think of two possible issues:

  1. There was a report a while back that the analyzer wasn’t refreshing properly with a widget expression:

I never tried to replicate it myself, so I don’t know if it is (still) an actual issue, but maybe you are seeing something similar.

  1. As per the widget action docs, there are certain data issues that can result in the analyzer failing if there’s something wrong with the data within the default range of the analyzer?