And again - Paper UI - Error 500: Internal Server Error

PI3b Openhabian 2.2, new installation, just zwave binding installed.
Getting angry now - re-installed already 3 times because I thought it could help!

I followed the already existent topics for this issue and seems there is no real solution, can it be!?

I succesfully setup AETOC Z-Stick Gen5, added successfuly a zwave device e.g. Cyrus switch. When I am now trying to add the item from the thing, I am getting the message item added and a few seconds later the message “Paper UI - Error 500: Internal Server Error”. Of course no item created!

I cannot see an error in process on my side, The Openhabian is freshly installed, and it just doesn´t work as it should.

Please help,

Ever tried HABmin? That is a UI specially designed to deal with zwave devices.

Do not use paper ui to set up zwave. Please use habmin!

OK, OK, Tons of thanks - that time it works.

So with HABmin I have got it working and could save the items, without this error 500.

Just to comment when I tried it a few days ago with PaperUI it was even there possible but now after trying it again (new installation) it wasn´t.
I guess this might be something that now me ZWAVE Stick realizes the two Zwave things with node 4 and 5 and not node 2 and 3 anymore (as it was setup two days ago).
Can this be that the ZWave Stick AEOTEC Z-Stick Gen5 is keeping them even that i excluded them from the stick, this is stupid I would say.
I realized that in HABmin I can soft and hard reset the stick - is this a kind of a solution?

I will open a new ticket now with another subject because this is solved, maybe you guys can help even further there?