AND in rules

I dont see how to use AND in rules.

I want to see if nobody is present in the home, and my idea was to do:

    Item Person1Presence changed from ON to OFF and
    Item Person2Presence changed from ON to OFF

But that cant be done. And putting it after the “then” statement in an “if”, is not allowed either.

There must be an explanation, how should i address this?


Please refer to this discussion in the old Google Groups (now replaced by this forum):

No “and”-operator to combine conditions for rules???

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BTW; some possible solutions to what you are trying to do are:

  • Put the items in a group (gPresence) and use the group in the triggering conditions of the rule.
  • Replace “and” by “or” and add some if statements to the body of the rule (between “then” and “end”) to check for the state of the items.

Hope this points you in the right direction.

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@KjetilA, that was exactly the kind of information i needed. Thanks :smile: