Android App Alarm Time out by 5 mins


I’ve got the Android app sending alarm time in epoch millis to my openhab2 server. For some reason, the number sent to the server is 5 minutes slow (once converted) to what the alarm on my phone says.

For example, if I set the alarm to 07:43:00 tomorrow, it will appear on the server as 1572507481000 - or 07:38:01.

Tried many ways of converting, checked everything is ntp synced, checked number in log on phone matches what’s received on the server, etc. and at a bit of a loss. Any ideas?

The fact that the number on the phone is off suggests something at that end.


I have the same issue.
If the alarm is less then 5 min in the future, the sent time is correct, else the alarm which is sent to openhab is 5 min to early…

This sounds like some “snooze” or “wake up gently” feature in the app. An option?

Apps may wake up the device “too early” and start a foreground service (visible notification) to make sure the device is waken up when the alarm occurs.
The only possible fix is adding 5 minutes in the server side rule that parses the alarm clock.