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I opened an issue for your problem:

Do you have a font size option in the android settings?

Yes, this is working. But then i have the small font in every app on the whole phone. Most apps work perfect with the standard font size. Only openhab has to display much information on a small screen. So i want to be able to set this separatly.

Do you know when and why there was a change in the charts display settings inside habdroid (android openhab app)?

I know i had charts like in the webbrowser some time ago. But now i only get charts with black background and ms-dos like style, no graphical view like in the webbrowser.

Is there a possibility to bring the old style back or is this an active made change in the charts display function?

I currently have the latest habdroid stable and the latest beta installed, so the change was some time before the latest stable.

This PR added support for themed charts. The chart theme is depending on your selected app theme.

Example chart:

On my habdroid all styles look the same, only difference is the color.

Problem for me is, that the numbers on x and y axis are not scaled with the paper UI settings. They are always the same size. Habdroid sitemap has smaller font in my case, only charts have very big numbers.

Look here: Charts are not working as before anymore - broken?

Your examples look much better then my chart.

I noticed that in the latest Habdroid / Android OpenHAB app, the Mapview widget has been added. Thanks!!!

About the charts, see and … the end result of those PRs will probably satisfy you :wink:

The fonts are by default scaled to be the same size (as measured in mm) on every device. With the smaller screen on phones this leads to the fonts being disproportionally large. We’ve shrinked the scaling a bit, and the latter PR will offer a preference to shrink it even further.

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Sounds great! Thanks!

Waiting for the beta with this changes.

The beta version is now available via Google Play:

I justed pushed 2.1.9-beta to the Play Store. It will need some time until you see it. I plan to release this version with updated translations via the stable channel as 2.2.0.

I uploaded version 2.2.3 with improved notifications to the play store: It may take a while until it appears there.

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I uploaded 2.2.20-beta to the Play Store. If no major bugs appear, this will be the last beta before the next stable release.

Thanks for testing the app.

Hi @mueller-ma,
not sure if asked/answered already elsewhere:
What minimum Android version is required by the app?


Hey @curlyel,
minimum Api is 14 ( which is Android ~4.0 ( According to Google ( only 0.3% are lower than Api 15.

The latest beta version (2.3.1) has support for Server send events (SSE) which makes item updates more reliable.

Just installed vesion 2.3.3-beta. Looks quite nice, but unlike the ‘old’ openhab adroid app, it does not show my Grafana graphs presented with Webview in the sitemap.
What should I do different for this app to make the show up?

Is the connection to the graphs https? There’s an issue were self-signed certs are unsupported in webviews for now.

It is https but with LE certificate, not self-signed.

I just noticed this as well. I’m using plain http://
Works in non beta App.