Android App cannot connect to OpenHAB 3


I am on a Raspi 3B+ and run OpenHABian/OH3 (installed a few days ago).
Using the OpenHAB Android app I cannot acces OH3 - It gives following screen:

It tries to find a OpenHAB server but cannot.
Under OpenHAB2 everything worked well - what I am missing?
Did the URL change?

That depends on what URL you specified, because it’s specific to your server. If in doubt, delete the URL from your settings to Autodiscover your OH server.

And if you haven’t turned on API Security in openHAB 3’s settings, make sure to delete your user/password from the app.

Hi @rpwong,

the app does not find anything. It just shows this symbol for searching - but it does not find anything.
My settings under API Security are as follows:

Logs from the server? What do they say

Your settings are correct, so it shouldn’t be a problem there. Assuming your OH server and phone are on the same network, it’s strange that the app can’t find the server through autodiscovery.

The URL in the app can be either the IP address or host name of your openHAB server, which is the same as what you use to access the dashboard through a web browser. So, your Local Server settings should be:

I use the IP address, as host names can be unreliable on some wifi routers.

If this doesn’t work, try it on another device, or uninstall/reinstall the app. We need to remove some variables to isolate the problem.

Hi @rpwong,

thanks for reply. OK I want to reinstall the app on my Android Device (Galaxy Note 10 plus).
In the Goolge play store I can see two Apps:

  • OpenHAB Beta
  • OpenHAB

Which one I should give a try for OH3 please?

They should both work. You’re already using one of them, aren’t you? If so, you can install the other to test.


any updates on that issue?
I encounter a similar problem. With the difference, that the app finds the server again and again but is still searching.


Found the issue. In the front screen I needed to accept the ssl certificate of one found server.

Then I’ve seen my panel and deleted the other found server versions.


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