Android App just shows the message openHAB sends an epmty sitemap-list

newest OpenHAB 1.7.1
I have added some elements to the main-pages

but on my Android-Smartphone the openhab-app just shows a message

“openHAB sends an empty Sitemap-list”

What do I have to change to get the android-app show the main-page that I have configured?

best regards Stefan

Looks like you’ve gotten some things figured out. Good stuff.

I think the Android app is defaulting to a “sitemap” which is a legacy interface from openHAB 2. If you open the left-hand menu, you should be able to choose “openHAB 3 UI” to see your “Overview” page.

You can change the default in the settings by going to “Display” → “Start page” and choosing “openHAB 3 UI”.

I feel like there was a discussion about changing the default, but that might still be in the beta version of the app.