Android App Material Design UI

The current version of the android app does not use material design and uses own font sizes and stylings for all components. Android material design used the correct way would make the app more maintainable an the ui more consistent.
Are there plans to redesign the ui of the android app and use material design components.

Font sizes, icon sizes, borders etc. are not used in the correct way at the moment and a redesign would be great for usability.

That’s going to really please the devs!!!

Please feel free to modify the design and do a pull request.

I am not a developer. But here is something that could help building a consistent ui:

This sounds very vague. Do you have some concrete points? I don’t really like the color picker, but I didn’t want to open an issue as long I have no better looking lib.

Indeed this looks like a usefull library, however it is still in alpha.