Android App no voice widget

Hello, I have a new smartphone with Android 11
Now I can’t take the voice widget anymore
In the playstore I read that there must be an app for voice recognition
Which app is this? Goggle Assistant I already have.
In the openhab app itself, voice recognition works with the microphone icon


What happens if you click on the microphone button in the app bar?

A Google voice input Dialog Shows up.

Ok, so the voice recognition app is installed. If you long press the openHAB icon on your homescreen, is there any widget shown?

I only have one widget to control item.
With my old smartphone I had 3 widgets.
I also couldn’t find a permission setting.
Now I have a redmi Note 10 pro with Android 11.
Maybe it’s because of Miui? Or Android 11?
I always loved the voice recognition widget.

I think I know what the issue is now. I’ll propose a PR for this.


When is it ready? Is there this in the playstore or is there an apk as a download?

After it will have been merged, I’ll release a new beta version. Beta versions are ~10 minutes later on GitHub as download and ~1 to 3 days later in the Play Store.

Can you check 2.16.18-beta?

Yes it works. Thank you very much