Android app not updating to show my customized home

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: rpi3b
    • OS: hasbianpi
    • openHAB version: 2.4.1?
  • Issue of the topic:
    I have OpenHAB (latest) running on Pi. After some fiddling was able to replace the “default” HABPanel with my own. So I have 1 floor, 1 room, etc. When I installed the openHAB app, I set the local to my RPi IP:8080, and immediately the default HABPAnel showed up. Fantastic. But when I deleted that one off of the Pi/server and added my own, I would assume the android app, since it auto refreshes, would show my new layout, so that I can somehow control my lights from my device. Unfortunately, it continues to show the default UI, with multiple floors, garden, cellar, etc.
    How do I replace that with my actual custom HABPanel layout? The old one doesnt exist on my Pi anymore, so unclear why if the mobile app refreshes against the server every so often, or after uninstalling and reinstalling it STILL shows the default… I am unsure what to do.
    Not sure if this is also why the BasicUI still shows the default UI as well?

In the android app, disable the demo mode in Menu->Settings

Yah, I did that as well. It still says Main Menu, and shows the old content. I would have thought it would refresh picking up my changes. It is as if it is cached… and I deleted the default template AND the cache (in the app). Still it persists.

Does your new sitemap name appears in the menu?

Note: HABPanel is an UI that doesn’t use the .sitemap files at all. The openHAB app does use the v.sitemap files.
I guess are using the word “HABPanel” somewhat different ( like a synonym for .sitemap)

Actually, to be completely honest, I am really unclear how to set up openHAB so that it replaces Wink. Essentially I assumed the openHAB app on android was basically where you set up your remote myopenhab login/password, and then it shows your devices, etc. And that you could hopefully design/set up rules, schedules, and click things to turn them on and off. Wink, for example has a section, Lights. It lists all my GE lights. I can click them on and off. There is also a “home sitter” option that randomizes lights going on and off, and you assign which lights to partake. As well you can set dusk to dawn, etc. I am quite sure openHAB has these capabilities some how, I just assumed that years later, given the number of people working on the project, that the mobile app would just be really easy and very nice looking to control things with, set up rules, etc. Like… if a motion detector is triggered, what action to take.

So I suspect it is just going to take a lot longer to figure things out. I assumed the openHAB app on android was basically the same thing as the HABPanel app, where I can set up floors, set up rooms, etc. But while it makes some sense… things dont seem to work like I thought. I assumed I would select a switch, put it in a room, and then touch that room and the light would go on or off. Not working that way though.

Actually openHAB can do that all and it is working! If you take the time to read the Documentation you will soon have a more clear picture.

Read docs… also found/followed a few tutorials, including video on youtube. I put in my local and remote URLs in openHAB mobile app. I enter my credentials (that log me in via web site). When I go back, unlike the video where it says I should get a pop up asking me to select sitemap, I get nothing. I still see the demo sitemap. I do NOT have demo mode on. I have cleared image cache and cleared default site map. Nothing works as the tutorials/docs have indicated for me. I am well versed in mobile apps,

Did you create a sitemap?

Well, I thought I did. I went in to HABPanel, wiped out the default one which matched what I see in the openHAB mobile app. I created my own and selected it under Panel configuration. Set a single story on it, one room, one light switch. Saved it. Seems to stay selected in my openHAB HABPanel section.

The mobile app will not display HabPanel. It displays a sitemap.

Son of a… man that is confusing then. Is there some UI for SiteMap in the OpenHAB web app? I assumed it was HABPanel because of the UI and setting it up like the way I would assume a HA panel might look. I will look it up I guess. But I dont see anything anywhere in my openHAB that says SiteMap. I have BasicUI, which shows a SiteMap, but no way to edit/create one through that. Then there is HABPanel, which you said is not the right thing. Not even sure then WTF that is for. I guess someone created that plugin/addon for a different purpose than what SiteMap is used for? Seems counter intuitive to have two different UIs for what I would assume are essentially the same purpose. I didnt see anything regarding options to add a SiteMap UI, addon, etc either.

Have you followed the tutorials?

Apparently not the right ones! I watched some stuff, and having played around with similar things (though not to this sophistication) I assumed (incorrectly) I could quickly get things up and running. I see now openHAB is not quite so much the easy replacement of Wink/Iris/SmartThings. I am guessing it can do WAY more, but in so requires a lot more work to get things set up the way you like. I saw a video on rules, using scripting, that looks way more capable than what Wink/Iris/etc can do. Looking forward to digging in to that eventually. My end game is a simple mobile UI that can I can turn things on/off, and see alerts/logs with, set up an unused tablet for a sort of on wall/anyone in house can use to automate things with, and eventually set up more sophisticated capabilities such as triggers that turn multiple things on/off, etc.

Videos are not enough, there is some reading to do. Quite a bit.
Follow the docs, not videos, most of them are not up to date.
Start here:

This is correct for the latest stable version, but the latest beta can display HABPanel (but not over self-signed https certs). You can get the beta from the Play Store.