Android App produces http error: Ok - solved!

Whenever I try to use the Android App for openHAB, I receive an error message: “HTTP Error: Ok”, I can’t see or open my sitemap. But I can see my device in My Openhab via PC. Any clues? What Information could I deliver, to figure it out?

What are your settings?

openHAB URL should look like: http://<openhab server ip>:8080
openHAB Remote URL should look like:
Username should be your my.openhab login
Password should be your my.openhab password

The Security setting in openhab.cfg should be External

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Hi Rich,

thanks for taking the time!

the URLs were as described, but I suffixed a “/”, maybe that was it. Have to start the Server again to check when I come home.
Username and Password is correct, Security Settings I will check, might be Internal.

I will post results here.



Hi Rich,

sometimes things are so easy, without the suffixes everything works fine now. Thank you very much!