Android app sitemap question point to a specific one

Hello all!

I put this a local url in my android app.

I just get an error saying nothing found. Am I doing something wrong? Trying to test prior to creating a couple more sitemaps. I want to use this feature and put the 5 switches for my child’s room on a separate map. No security requirement just a separation .

Is there at least one sitemap without errors? Check you log please.

Switching sitemaps is done the usual Android way: swipe from left to right and you will see all available sitemaps.

That URL would work in a browser. In the android app the local address should be like: " http://IP:8080"

I am asking if you can point at a specific sitemap in the apps? Apparently, you can’t.

I don’t want to setup a reverse proxy for this. I was hoping it would work out the gate. The documents online lead me to believe it would.

You can set the default sitemap in PaperUI, however that will affect all devices using BasicUI.

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