Android app versions and multiple servers

I have both the general release and Beta versions of the Android app on my device (Pixel 5, Android 12).
I have two servers, one running 2.4, the other 3.1.
Until sometime in the past month or two, I was able to switch between the two sites using the general release app (currently 2.20.0), but now, when I attempt to switch to the second site, I get a few screen flashes, and it returns to the first site.
The Beta app has the sites configured in reverse, and I can switch back and forth at will (3.1.0 “release build”). I had installed the beta app before switching was supported and got out of the habit of using it once switching was available on the general release app.

  • Is the 3.1.0 app going to be released as an update on the general release app?
  • If not, should I open an issue against the 2.20.0 version?

I will change my usage to use the Beta app as my primary until 3.x reaches the general release version fo the app.