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Anybody knows if the android app will be available on Huawei App gallery? Since new Huawei phones will not have google services it makes sense to have this app there too?

Openhab App is on Github
Openhab Release Page

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Currently we have no plan to distribute the app over other channels than

  • GitHub Release page
  • Play Store
  • F-Droid

On F-Droid there’s a version of the app without crash reporting and FCM, meaning that you cannot receive notifications. However without the FCM client on your phone, you won’t receive notifications anyway. FCM is a library by Google.

As a last option you can always download the apk here and install in manually. However you’d have to check frequently if there is a new version if you always want most current version.

2.13.X has support for notifications in the F-Droid version.

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