Android Car Stereo Presence

Hi all,

I’ve just got a new car stereo for my campervan which runs android 9, it has WiFi, GPS unit and internet once on WiFi, but not it’s own network / data.

I’m thinking I might use it and OH somehow to have a form of tracker for the van, just in case it’s gets stolen etc.

One point of note is that it’s currently only on when the van is on. I plan to change this in the future by connecting it to my leisure battery, but that’s for a later date.

So, it’s currently connected to my home WiFi when the ignition is on and it’s on the driveway, it also has its own static IP so I know I could use a network binding to detect when it appears and then disappears, (ie it’s out of range of the WiFi), but that is a bit rudimentary as I might have just turned the van on to check a few things and once the van is out of range I have no idea where it is, so I can tell it’s gone but no idea where.

I’m not up on android, having always had iPhones, so…

What is the best GPS / OH friendly apps to keep tracking.
Will any of them work while the unit is switched off or will I have to get a permanent 12v to it for it to be useful?
Am I going to have to have a combination of both WiFi and GPS, ie WiFi on the drive and then GPS once moving?
Are there any programs for android that allow me to run some IFTTT style routines to pass info or turn on apps / processes on start up etc? Ie, I’ve lost WiFi so open GPS app etc.

Sorry for all the questions, any thoughts, comments, real life examples would help the old grey matter work out the best way around it.

Sounds like ‘tasker’ might help you with some of this. It has been around for a long time and currently actively developed. If your car stereo has the ability to load apps, it can trigger any number of things to happen. Caveat: it cost a few bucks (3 or 4 $ USD last time I purchased) find it on the playstore