Android chrome opens overview instead of page

before moving to openHAB3 i used habpanel on my android(11) phone and i could access a specific link from a shhortcut on the home screen (created on chrome > options > “add to home screen”).
i did the same with a openhab3 main-ui page but on the first attempt chrome opens the overview page instead of the page from the url i added to the main screen.
i have no problems with PC or with Fully Browser (on a tablet).
i also took a look at the openHAB app from the playstore but there’s no option to set a specific site as startpage.
is there a way to bypass this behaviour?

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I’m also interested in this. I’ve been using habpanel for years and i’m finally putting together an interface in main ui but there’s no way to shortcut to it that i see…