Android remote url not working[solution in 1st post]

Own Certificate Authority

sudo openhabian-config

openhab related >reverse proxy

Client configuration

this works with setup via openhabian-config

sudo -s
openssl pkcs12 -export -out /etc/ssl/certificate.pfx -inkey /etc/ssl/certs/openhab.key -in /etc/ssl/certs/openhab.crt

password which will be needed when adding certificate to android device.

You can download certificate via any SCP client(windows WinSCP) /etc/ssl/certificate.pfx
certificate.pfx can be used for android authentication.

remote url in android device https://YOURHOUSEIP-OR-HOST


I get error “ssl handshake failed - maybe you need a valid certificate”

What i did
sudo openhabian-config

I set-up reverse proxy Nginx
I basicly set IP with my internet provider IP (WAN)
I can connect to https://IP with browser

Everything is working okay but I can not get android app to work with
remote url: https://IP:443
SSL client sertificate :none
I dont know how to get that certificate i thing that could be the problem