Android via chromecast binding: Turn on / off TV

Dear all,

I have added my chromecast devices via chromecast binding and control the google home mini (e.g. volume). I would like to also turn on / off the TV as this is possible via voice command directly using google asistant on the devices. Any ideas?

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I think this can happen without openhab.
If you add your chromecast to the google home app and call it for example “Living room TV”, you can ask google home mini “Turn on/off the living room TV” and it should do it via HDMI CEC protocol.

edit: of course for this to work you have to power the chromecast not from the TV, it should be always turned on

Exactly and this is working. But I would like to be able to turn TV on and off via openhab to have this part of a more complex scenario.

Have a look at this tutorial HowTo: Listen & Talk to your Home

I know about this and use part of it. Currently I try to control my android tv box via openhab. This is required to allow complex scenes that turn on or off the TV. So it’s not part of the link you shared.

Mmmm maybe could be done with a proxy switch linked to IFTT that then send the command to Google assistant …but I don’t know if IFTT has been restored in the openhab cloud.

IFTTT might be an option. Does anyone know if this feature is planned in the chromecast binding?