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Check out HomeCompanion!

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Hello All,

Super was searching for something to use on my wear device, other than tasker with a rest plugin :smile:

Just installed this app and configured for my openhab installation. Made a new “mobile” sitemap with 2 switch items for testing. But nothing is showing. Anyone had this problem and was able to fix this?

for your info running openhab 1.8 snapshot from 2 weeks ago. (zwave database updates…)

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I have the same problem. If you activate debug in the app you will see there’s an incorrect format in the json returned from openhab (at lest this is the message).
I also sent this to the developer on google+.
I shall send him the json file but had no time.

I have reported on his github and will send him the files. no problem

Ok, latest update fixed my problems :smile:

Currently only Temperatures are supported Number Items in the Android Wear application. So if you have a small number item like 0,01 it is display as 0,0 and the color will be blue (like a ‘cold temperature’)

Also, the normal syntax for formatting numbers in the sitemap or item file, won’t be parsed by home companion. In my normal sitemap I write label="Name [%.3f kWh] "

But those brackets won’t be removed and there is an issue with special characters (°, ä, ü, ö, ß)

Also the color represents temperatures, for example a Percentage of 100% will be displayed red (100 °C would be hot, that’s right)

When I try to connect to Openhab I always get:

Error occured

Could not read device list from server! Error is: No value for widgets
Same in debug mode.

Any idea?


Anyone got this working with openhab2?

Same here. Seems that the connection fails with OH2.

Yes, Home Companion for Wear with OH2 can give you message about 404 error only. I hope it will changed with next version.