Anel Binding Error

Hi Community,

I am trying to get the anel binding (binding-anel1 - 1.13.0) to work with a NET-PwrCtrl PRO. Openhab Version is 2.4.0 running on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Unfortunately I get the following error:

2019-09-26 16:19:04.937 [ERROR] [ng.anel.internal.AnelConnectorThread] - Error occurred when received data from Anel device:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Data with 16 or at least 26 values expected but 19 received: NET-PwrCtrl:Anel1 : 1,1:Nr. 2,1:Nr. 3,1:Nr. 4,1:Nr. 5,1:Nr. 6,1:Nr. 7,1:Nr. 8,1:0:80:NET-PWRCTRL_04.5:xor:

Is the Anel Pro Version not supported by the binding?

Thanks for helping me out :wink:


Sorry for the late reply. I’ve not been active here for a while :innocent:

The issue is caused by your newer Firmware which ships additinoal values in the data packages.
The “xor” indicates that you are using at least firmware 6.1 :wink:

Without changing the code, it will probably not be possible to get the binding working.

However, I’m going to update the binding soon.

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