Anemometer and D1 mini

Hello everybody I need some wise help.
I would like to integrate an anemometer in order to roll back my roller in case of strong wind and I haven’t found something suitable.
I found a project on internet to wire a D1 mini to an anemometer and send the data via mqtt protocol. Just what I need. Unfortunately this sketch GitHub - sbiermann/esp8266-anemometer: ESP8266 based wind anemometer project give me back this error and I don’t know what is and how to resolve.

no matching function for call to ‘ESP8266HTTPUpdate::update(const char*&, int, const char*&, const char*&)’

Thanks everyone

Given this isn’t a esp8266 nor a hardware forum but an openHAB forum, you will most likely have better luck on a different forum. While we have some users who use esp8266’s, you’d be lucky to find many if any who are using that specific sketch or anything related to it.

Hi Rich you right and thank you indeed anyway.
I wrote here because I thought this could be useful to someone who wants integrate an anemometer in the openHAB network a device that seems to me important and difficult to find out.