(Jan N. Klug) #1

I was trying to port the astro actions to the OH2 astro binding. I guess that the “SingleActionService” from tge magic binding is a good start, however I did not manage to use the defined action from a .rules file. How is this supposed to work?

(David Graeff) #2

Have a look at the MQTT (or MQTT generic) binding documentation. At the very bottom there is an example.

Sweet, that you are working on actions. I hope that I can convert some actions over later on, too.

(Jan N. Klug) #3

That‘s thing actions, I already got that working for the DMX binding. This is different, the Astro binding allows to get sunrise/sunset times independent from things (with longitude, latitude and date as parameter). I‘m looking for the equivalent of getActions for actions that are not associated with things.

(Hakan Tandogan) #4

I’m already hacking on the pushbullet action. Maybe leave this to last so we don’t duplicate efforts ?

(David Graeff) #5

Alright. This weekend I’m also already busy building another “marketplace” extension for npm and I’m finishing my paper ui design study.

There are also guys working on a replacement for the telegram bot action.

(Jan N. Klug) #6

Did you manage to get non-thing-actions running from DSL rules?

(Hakan Tandogan) #7

Nope, I am converting my OH1 “bot” to an OH2 “Bot Thing” and calling actions on that. Just like the MQTT actions which I am using as a template.

(David Graeff) #8

@Kai Could you elaborate on how that can be archived?