I was trying to port the astro actions to the OH2 astro binding. I guess that the “SingleActionService” from tge magic binding is a good start, however I did not manage to use the defined action from a .rules file. How is this supposed to work?

Have a look at the MQTT (or MQTT generic) binding documentation. At the very bottom there is an example.

Sweet, that you are working on actions. I hope that I can convert some actions over later on, too.

That‘s thing actions, I already got that working for the DMX binding. This is different, the Astro binding allows to get sunrise/sunset times independent from things (with longitude, latitude and date as parameter). I‘m looking for the equivalent of getActions for actions that are not associated with things.

I’m already hacking on the pushbullet action. Maybe leave this to last so we don’t duplicate efforts ?

Alright. This weekend I’m also already busy building another “marketplace” extension for npm and I’m finishing my paper ui design study.

There are also guys working on a replacement for the telegram bot action.

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Did you manage to get non-thing-actions running from DSL rules?

Nope, I am converting my OH1 “bot” to an OH2 “Bot Thing” and calling actions on that. Just like the MQTT actions which I am using as a template.

@Kai Could you elaborate on how that can be archived?

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