Announcement: OpenHAB Report

I have started trying to document the OpenHAB installation in my house for posterity and – in particular – for anyone who might need to know about it in the future (e.g. someone who acquires the house at some later date).

I decided that a wiki would be the best bet for the documentation, which includes other stuff besides OpenHAB, and I chose Dokuwiki because I find it easy to install and use.

Pretty soon I ran into the problem of how to relate stuff in the wiki to what is actually happening in OpenHAB, so I wrote a program that currently extracts the information from OPENHAB_USERDATA/jsondb/org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json and makes it available in a duly cross-linked form to be included into a Dokuwiki file tree.

The program generates SVG diagrams and text (see Github for examples).

I call the program OpenHAB Report, or OHR for short, and it can be found on Github. It belongs in the same sort of category as JSON2Config.

I would appreciate some help to get it working properly under Linux and Windows, but the MacOS version works for me. It might be useful for other people too.



Sounds great, I had similar plans since quite a while - but never found the time for it :sweat_smile:
Will try it when I’m back from vacation :thinking::grin:

Is it just me or are the pictures broken?

I haven’t quite understood it - need those pictures to be sure :slight_smile:

The pictures are also in the Documentation folder.

I don’t know Github that well, so I may have done something wrong. I had the same issue as you but it went away when I clicked on the links to the images.


I’ve changed the image links to relative links - perhaps that will help.

What isn’t mvn? How does one get it to execute?

I am confident I don’t have netbeans or maven installed on any computer I own. Are they required? Can you just post the jar file?

I wanted to try the tool to see how it works for my setups. This will allow me to provide value added feedback. Right now I am not certain the report adds value for me, but if I see it on my setup I will know for sure. I like when people create out of the box option for making life easier!

@Thedannymullen It’s all Maven, developed with Netbeans 12.

I’m still learning about many things, including Github. I don’t know how to upload the latest JAR (or .app) to Github, but I’ll take a look at how to do it.


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You can upload binaries/other files as release.

Thanks, @christoph_wempe! I’ve now created an initial release that contains the .jar and .app files for MacOS.


Awesome thanks!!

Nicely done sir! I have been for awhile manually documenting things. Would love to see if that command line option is still available. That would be cool to schedule something like a weekly update.

I’ve fixed OHR so that the JAR can be started from the command line. Please see the Github page for details of how to use it.


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noob here how to I run it for a GUI experience?

Either run the .app bundle or start the JAR from the command line without any options, as per readme.

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