Announcement - the symphonist - All-In-One OpenHab Hardware gateway

That will be perhaps Zigbee IP based not Zigbee RF network based.

The current Zigbee standard does not use TCP/IP or Wi-Fi for many good reasons. Wi-Fi & TCP-IP add a great amount of complexity affecting the life of battery powered devices, for instance,

You are right with TCP/IP but I hope they will make some “magic” and overcome the power hungry TCP/IP…wait and see

Thanks for letting me know about Pi Zero. Still I believe swissbyte design is complex and plain PI is better alternative. If RASPI overcomes the SD boot corruption problem that will be fantastic.
On that OPENHAB is much better than HOME ASSISTANT.
I was using HOME ASSISTANT on Raspberry and I had SD corruption all the time.
May be to see NAND memory on Raspberry so to boot from there or SATA interface.

You have the Wi-Fi overhead though. For example, 802.11g which is technically 54 Gbit/s is only 22Gbit/s goodput (usable network bandwidth). The remaining bandwidth is overhead due to 802.11 Wi-Fi…

Actually I think it’s Zigbee over Google’s Thread which doesn’t not imply TCP/UDP not does it imply WiFI.There are already prototypes of Zigbee over Thread as the two are very similar already. Both use 802.15.4-2006 as the underlying wireless protocol. What CHIP is bringing is the use of IP for addressing over the existing very power friendly 802.15.4-2006 wireless protocol.

RPi 3 and eventually RPi 4 can boot straight to SDD I believe.

Which is almost certainly not what a battery powered CHIP device will use. That’s what Thread and Bluetooth LE is for, both of which are to be supported in addition to 802.11 WiFi.

IP doesn’t mean WiFi.

The also means that two CHIP devices are not going to necessarily be able to talk to reach other without some sort of bridge between the underlying wireless protocols, kind of like a wireless gateway that also has Ethernet plugs can bridge between 802.11 wireless and the wired 802.3 (IIRC) protocol.