Announcing OpenWeatherMap binding for Eclipse SmartHome / openHAB

in PaperUI OWM API thing make sure the 3 day forecast is active (should be by default):

then you need to add the new Thing and make sure its online:

I have enabled 3 hour forecast, and it is online and retrieving data except Icon.

In PaperUI I only have the Icon for the local weather, when I go to 3 Days Forecast that is missing.

Thanks all, I simply had to delete the 3 Hour Forcast thing from PaperUi and after adding it again it worked :slight_smile:

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Cool, I am glad you got it working. You are welcome. Thanks for using the binding.

Is there a way to scale the Wind Speed so I have it in m/s insted om km/t

Currently i’m using JS transformation and a Proxy Item, but would be nice if there was a more “Direct” way doing it?

Hi @Nanna_Agesen,

Yes. The OWM binding uses the Units Of Measurement feature for defining its channels. You can easily convert the values for wind speed to a specific target unit (m/s, km/h, mph, kn) by adding the unit to the label of the item. Only for Beaufort a scale transformation is needed - I will add an example for it later this day.


Number:Speed testNumberSpeed


sitemap demo label="My home automation" {
    Frame label="Speed" {
        Text item=testNumberSpeed label="Windgeschwindigkeit [%.1f %unit%]" icon="wind"
        Text item=testNumberSpeed label="Windgeschwindigkeit [%.1f m/s]" icon="wind"
        Text item=testNumberSpeed label="Windgeschwindigkeit [%.1f km/h]" icon="wind"
        Text item=testNumberSpeed label="Windgeschwindigkeit [%.1f mph]" icon="wind"
        Text item=testNumberSpeed label="Windgeschwindigkeit [%.1f kn]" icon="wind"


Hi :slight_smile:

Thanks that was a easy change - Great :slight_smile:

Dear all,

Thank you very much for your support. I have added some more features to the OWM binding.

You can download a new Testversion here (requires ESH build 281 or higher and / or OH2 build 1316 or higher). I have updates the marketplace version too.

New changes:

  • Changed pattern for DateTime channels
  • Added example for station items
  • Added channel gust-speed
  • Changed handling for thing status and invalid API key
  • Minor improvements in code an documentation



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Thanks @cweitkamp for the updates :slight_smile:

I saw in the code changes that you also added gust speed to the hourly forecast… but i dont see it in the json if i call the api directly… did i missed it? or is it not in there?

In the normal weather json it is there…

Counter questions: Do you find it somewhere in the API docs? It is neither listed in the current weather nor in the forecast sections. But it is available in the response …

nope… i was just wondering after i have seen it in the api call… so “weather” has it “forecast” not…

the only thing i found it documented was in the stations api

maybe the API doc is not up to date for the weather call… so if we can grab it… fine… we take it… I just wanted to point, that the hourly forecast dont have it… and since the daily forecast is in the paid plan (which i dont have) i’m not sure about if its there…

Was there a reason why the Current temperature and current humidity channels were removed?

Nevermind I see it’s because I Don’t have the latest snapshot of OH2. Installed. Would it be possible to post the jar of the file before the breaking change was made?

Have a look here: According to this page it should be available for all three services. But it disappears once and a while in my local current weather too. And it is not available in my daily forecast data. Who knows …

@Nanna_Agesen I owe you an example. Here is what I use in my setup:


[..1.85[=0 Bft
[1.85..7.41[=1 Bft
[7.41..12.96[=2 Bft
[12.96..20.37[=3 Bft
[20.37..29.63[=4 Bft
[29.63..40.74[=5 Bft
[40.74..51.86[=6 Bft
[51.86..62.97[=7 Bft
[62.97..75.93[=8 Bft
[75.93..88.90[=9 BFt
[88.90..103.71[=10 Bft
[103.71..118.53[=11 Bft
[118.53..]=12 Bft


sitemap demo label="My home automation" {
    Frame label="Speed" {
        Text item=testNumberSpeed label="Windgeschwindigkeit [SCALE(beaufort.scale):%s]" icon="wind"

The only thing which is missing to make it perfect is a nice valuecolor depending on the Beaufort value. Does anybody like to volunteer for adding it (Beaufort scale)? That would be very much appreciated.

Hi @tebore,

Yes, I will take care of that tomorrow.


Have a look here. I have uploaded an old version.

I just gave it a shot and everything is back up and running.

Thanks for posting it. I had to clear my cache a yesterday and the marketplace binding was “too new”

Cool, I am glad it is working again for you.

@cweitkamp did you already noticed that the wind gust is gone form the “weather” API call?

I installed your new test binding yesterday… and today i was wondering why the gust is still not updated… so i took a quit look on a raw api call… and… gust is gone from it…

Dont know why…

{"coord":{"lon":13.82,"lat":51.15},"weather":[{"id":800,"main":"Clear","description":"clear sky","icon":"01n"}],"base":"stations","main":{"temp":288.15,"pressure":1020,"humidity":54,"temp_min":288.15,"temp_max":288.15},"visibility":10000,"wind":{"speed":1.5,"deg":160},"clouds":{"all":0},"dt":1535491200,"sys":{"type":1,"id":4879,"message":0.0059,"country":"DE","sunrise":1535429566,"sunset":1535479054},"id":2880067,"name":"Lausa","cod":200}