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Hello, i have been trying to controll a 4 channel MSP430 5V relay that is connected directly to the raspberry pi 2 (where the openhab server is running).

The relay is connected to 5V, gpio 0, 1, 11, 3 and ground.
When i boot up all 4 LEDs on the relay is “semi bright” but channel 1 (gpio0) has a strong light and it “clicks” on start up.

I can controll the relays from a local script and the channels seems to be working. I can also controll the relay from the gpio command (set input/output and value 0/1).
But when i add them i openhab i get no response from the relay.
When i read the status of the gpio pins when relay is not connected all gpio is “0” but when i connect all 4 channels to the gpio pins channel 2,3 and 4 on the relay change to “1” exept the first channel.

I could use some help to troubleshoot this.

Setup: RPi 2 with OSMC + OpenHAB
Relay: MSP430

What have i done: Openhab is running under the root user, i have followed the installation of the gpio binding (both apt-get and the manual way). Added gpio in items and sitemap.

[quote=gpio -v]
osmc@osmc:~/wiringPi$ gpio -v
gpio version: 2.31
Copyright © 2012-2015 Gordon Henderson
This is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
For details type: gpio -warranty

Raspberry Pi Details:
Type: Pi 2, Revision: 01, Memory: 1024MB, Maker: Sony
Device tree is enabled.
This Raspberry Pi supports user-level GPIO access.[/quote]

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The problem solved it self after changing pins to GPIO 17, 18, 22 and 23 :slight_smile:

So if you have gpio problems, try to change pins.

Older topic…but openhab uses GPIO pin numbers. There are no GPIO pin 0 or 1. In fact…in none of the pin numbering formats is there a 0…