Ansible Playbook for Openhab, deconz and nginx in docker


I dont know if this is the right place to post this, if not I will move this post somewhere else.

I created an Ansible Playbook for an easy installation of OpenHAB + Deconz + Nginx in an docker environment. The project can be found on GitHub.
So I hope you like it - its my first published Ansible project. Feedback is appreciated.
I am far from done.

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It wasn’t the right place but I moved it for you. There are a couple of other openHAB roles posted to the forum as well. It would be interesting to compare them all.

Nice - will have to look into it :smiley:
I just published my standalone openHAB role this week and I’m currently documenting my play to set up an openHAB server from scratch on a Raspberry Pi (ansible-openhabserver) :slight_smile: