Anticipating solar gain with the weather binding


We have a living area with large windows that gets hot, even during winter, on sunny days. It would be fantastic to have a rule that can anticipate this and so, for example, draw the South-facing blinds in mid-morning. Perhaps the cloud coverage feature in the weather binding could do the trick?

Has anyone tried something like this? If not, I’ll experiment and report back!


Exactly what I have done…
I use the weather = cloudy rule set based on Rich Koshak’s design patterns, together with azimuth and elevation values to close/open my blinds.

What I still need to figure out is how I can follow changes in elevation values due to time of year.
What I mean by that is; while the roller shutter meeds to close based on the azimuth value; it can close earlier or later based on elevation values – but it needs to open ealier or later, based on elevation values – as the sun casts a tree shadow differently based on elevation (for my particular case: a western window).

that’s really helpful - thank you. Elevation values are a whole level of complication I hadn’t considered!