Any advice for pairing GE Z-Wave 12722

I have a RPi3 and openHAB2 and Aeotac Gen5 Zstick

I have it working with OpenHAB2 and I try and do the searching and it cannot find my switch. It is a GE 12722. I did the exclusion as most of the boards suggest, but still no luck. The switch works fine manually, even has the blue LED.

Are there any other tricks? Is there a manual way to find it?

You need to include your switch to the controller. Install HABmin, start the inclusion process and perform the steps mentioned in the manual:

Linking your device

  1. Follow the instructions for your Z-wave certifed controller to include a device to the Z-wave network.
  2. Once the controller is ready to include your device, press and release the top or bottom of the wireless smart switch
    (rocker) to include it in the network.
    Note: Your controller may need to be within 10 feet of the device to be included.
  3. Once your controller has confrmed that the device has been included, refresh the Z-wave network to optimize performance