Any advice on migrating an OpenHab 1.7 to OpenHab 3.x?

Hi everybody

I know this one can be difficult but I have a old openHab instalation with openHab v1.7. It was installed , installed back in 2014 and it is controlling a KNX system and presenting in the UI three MJPEG camera feeds from FOSCAM cameras. Nothing more.
I have no rule files, just item and sitemap configuration files.

Essencially during to lack of time I have never decided to upgrade but I think the time has come since I want to automate a few things more (Wifi Leds, Upnp/DLNA renderers, …) . There’s no point in trying to do it in such an old installation.

Can anyone provide any usefull advice for doing this migration? Mainly my KNX installation control.
Is there any way of converting, or reusing, my old item and sitemaps files or should I create new ones from scratch ?


I know nothing about openHAB 1.x, but a lot has changed. I think you’d be better off treating this as if you’re learning openHAB 3.x from scratch, because some of the concepts have evolved over the two generations. The tutorials go into a lot of detail.

The MainUI interface in OH3 is a great leap forward when it comes to installing and configuring things/items, and you might find that you want to use the new UI pages instead of sitemaps (though I’m still using my old OH2 sitemap).

Good luck!

As above, but I would buy a new hardware unit (or use docker if you use it now) to run the V3 on so that you can keep the working system running whilst you play and migrate the system across as you have time. All of the V1 bindings will have changed so each one will be like your learning from the start again but some of it will be similar.