Any air con OH2 binding available?

Since the summer is finally showing up in Germany I am thinking of getting myself a mobile air con device. Is there a OH2 binding available or any recommendation which one to go for in regards to OH2 connectivity?

I saw there is a Daikin OH1 binding but couldn’t find a confirmation that it is working in OH2.


My thoughts (based on the specific tech I’ve played with) would be:

  1. My guess would be that most mobile air conditioners would be fairly simple - guessing no IR controller. As such, I’d suggest automating its power - something like a Wemo.
  2. If it does handle IR remote controlling, get a room IR blaster and co-opt it into OH (I use a Broadlink Mini 3 at home, which was not easy to integrate - see thread somewhere on here).
  3. In terms of reading temperature etc to determine when to switch it on/off, I use WirelessTag sensors, which integrated well with OH. Their only downside is they require a working internet connection.

Thanks Ben for your thoughts :slight_smile:

It will have a IR but thats a good idea I somehow forgot about it since I have a Harmony Hub in the same room I should be able to just use the harmony hub binding. I will just have to figure out how to set e.g. the temperature or the humidity level via the harmony binding.

Longer term plan is to get a “real” ac. Any suggestions which one to go for e.g. one with a build in WIFI and are there any plans to get a OH2 binding or has someone a working solution already?


This is also on my list of to do integrations. However, I’d suggest that using a Harmony (I have one too) probably isn’t the best way as the Harmony activities are mutually exclusive (for example you don’t want to have to turn off the aircon when you want to watch TV). Therefore you’ll need a separate IR controller…

If you don’t mind getting down and dirty here’s an article that I’m going to base my solution off