Any binding for Solar Inverter ABB PVI 10 or Aurora inverter?

Hi there,
I’ve got an inverter ABB PVI 10.0, RS485 communication, should be derived directly from the Aurora inverter series, of which I’ve managed to find a Protocol description document.
Now, some questions:
a) have you ever seen a binding suitable for these inverters or similar ones?
a) if not, provided that I think I’ve got the equipment required to try (a RS485 shield, an ESP development board [or arduino as needed] to read and communicate over wifi [inverter is far from pc] and which I could use to connect and monitor the data), can you point me to a guide or some doc about someone who made it? That would help a lot.
Of course the final goal is reading data real time in openaHAB.


I have the same inverters but purchased a SolarLog 10 years ago. Solarlog is integrated in Openhab