Any chance of Home Builder and Alexa V3 crossing paths?

Would it be possible for Home Builder to generate the tags for the Alexa V3 skill?

It seems there is confusion with many people about what tags to use for many of the items and it seems like this shouldn’t be to hard of an add for it, (If it doesn’t do this already :smile: ) since it does tagging for Homekit and Hue already.

The Alexa V3 skill already supports Homekit tags (aka V2 tagging) even the latest ones that were added in the last few months. Do you have any examples in mind?

A color light, door lock or complete thermostat with “TargetTemperature” and “HeatingCoolingMode” are some of the first examples that come to mind.

Like I mentioned above, Homekit tags are supported. For capabilities not yet supported by Homekit, you can use the metadata labels as tags if necessary.

Switch DoorLock "Door Lock" ["Lock"]

I think I understand a little more.

Those metadata labels would need to manually be inserted in the the item files that Home Builder creates correct? I was just saying it would be nice if there were drop down options in Home Builder for those metadata labels.

I was just saying that you can keep using tags with the Alexa V3 skill. I am not familiar with Home Builder. So I am not sure what the plan for metadata support is on that end.