Any chance to get an Eltako FAH65S sensor working with openhab?

While searching for an outdoor light/brightness sensor i found the Eltako FAH65S. I would like to give that one a try, if i knew it works with openhab + EnOcean binding.

The sensor is not on the list provided with the EnOcean binding description. There is an other light sensor mentioned:

lightSensor A5-06 0x01 illumination Eltako TF-AHDSB Discovery

Some specification for the FAH65S i found in this document is

ORG = 0x07
Data_byte3 = Helligkeit 0…100 lux (0…100)
(nur gültig, wenn DB2 = 0x00)
Data_byte2 = Helligkeit 300…30.000 lux (0…255)
Data_byte1 = -
Data_byte0 = 0x0F
Lerntelegramm: 0x18080D87

As i’d have to buy the sensor plus an USB300 or an EnOceanPi, i’d like to be quite shure to have a chance to get it working before ordering. I’d be quite happy, if someone here can comment on this. Thx!

PS: i’m running a rasppi 3B+ + z-wave + zigbee + rfxcom + openhab 2.5.4 up to now. Most of the times i’m quite happy with all this. But i’d very much like to get rid of all the battery powered thingies.

Hi @yab Mario,

I am using two of these sensors to detect movements. The Lux value seems to be correct, too.
However if you plan to use these sensors outside, you should place your USB gateway near to the sensor, buy an USB gateway with an external antenna or buy an additional repeater (most wall plugs can be setup as a repeater). I am using both (external antenna and a repeater) and have no problems receiving data from my outside sensors (PIR and temperature). Without these I missed sometimes status updates.

Good luck

Thanks for your positive input.

The routing issue you mentioned made me think about an other solution again. ATM i think i’ll end up using a 0-10V sensor together with a “smart implant” from fibaro. There are some z-wave routing capable things around, so this won’t be an issue. And i found a way to have 12V DC at place.