Any cold-hardy Z-Wave switches that operate under 0 degrees C?

I have two garage lights, one by the side door and a dual set by the main vehicle doors. The temperatures here in winter off drop down to 10 degrees F (-12.2 degrees C).

I have two 5 year old Evoke Z-Wave switches that are no longer working now, though at least one was earlier in December. They are inside the garage, though on the outside walls. My garage walls and doors are well insulated, though 10F (-12.2C) can mean that the temperature the switches experience are likely to be below 0 degrees C, which some switches claim as their lowest operating temperature.

Due to their age, I was planning on replacing the Evoke switches with either a Homeseer WS100+ or a Kasa HS220 (wifi) switch that I was intending for other purposes. However, both of them list 0 degrees C as their lowest operating temperature.

Any advice or recommendations on switches that can withstand the cold of my garage environment?

I doubt your switches stopped working because of temperature. There’s usually plenty of reserves on that so almost any model should do.

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If these are mains powered devices, I would not expect a problem - they will self-warm to a tiny degree.

You can improve the chances by a draught proof enclosure. Though might then have to worry about summer overheating.

Battery devices are probably doomed though.

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Standard specs are 0…70°C, but this does not mean that they stop working at low temperatures.
High temperatures is a different story du to maybe missing cooling.
At low temperatures analog functions may degrade, but RF communication and the controller should still work.
Other problem could be condensating humidity on the board at low temperatures, this may stop it from working. Maybe you can open the housing of your switch and look if there is any corrosion on the board.

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You mention Z-Wave but not the region where you are located.

I am using a Aeotec Multisensor 6in1 as an outdoor sensor and a Philio Relais as a switch.
Both work flawlessly in the winter (-10°C). As mentioned, it should be no problem.

Just buy the switch you like.

I’m not far from Martinsburg, WV

Zooz and have been very helpful to OpenHAB.
Email and see what they recommend. They are one of the best support teams I have worked with and their prices are usually reasonable.

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