Any documentation about model card properties

Hi folks,

is there any documentation containing properties which can be set to model cards by code?



is working. How to set color? backgroundImage? …


Are you looking for this ?

Hello Wolfgang,

thanks for your link - unfortunately that’s not exactly what I am looking for.
Although properties are listed I can’t find an example of how to use them!?
I tried with background color but it has no effects.

All cards are location cards automatically created by text file, eg

Group SM_GF_KITCHEN "Küche" <kitchen> (SM_GF) ["Kitchen"] {widgetOrder="01", subtitle="123123123", backgroundColor="purple"}

The resulting card:

Thanks for further hints!

As far as I know you cannot customize those automatically generated cards from .items files or any other text based config. But you can configure the cards and change the background and such through MainUI. See Pages - Overview Page | openHAB