Any experience with zwave Minoston MP26Z Dual plug device?

I need to control 2 AC 120V devices which are close to each other. I’m considering adding the Minoston MP26Z device to my OH system. It is about the same price as a single plug Minoston device I am already using successfully so it’s about 1/2 the cost per plug. Has anyone tried to use this device? I could not find it in the database so I’m thinking I’ll have some difficulty. Are there any other dual plug devices to be recommended? Other ideas?

Not being in the database isn’t a deal killer. It just means no one has added it yet. It’s relatively easy to add a device to the database and Zwave is a pretty solid standard so once added it should work without problem.

So it’ll be more work than a device already in the database, but it will almost certainly work in the end.