Any good suggestion for camera to connect with openHab?


I am trying to see if it is worth to buy a camera to connect to openHab…

I was kind of curious to see if anybody has bought and connected Wyze cam… they seems to be quite good for their price range… can it be connected to openHab? any alternative product?

If I want to stream the “garage cam” to my TV (connected with Chromecast) is it possible?

Thank you all

openHAB isn’t a CCTV platform so there is going to be a very limited number of things you can do with any camera. There is an IP Camera binding (search the forum) and you can see what is possible but for the most part you can put a stream on your sitemap and you can get motion and other events assuming the camera supports publishing motion events.

Wyze doesn’t have an API. They have a custom firmware that they provide that will provide the video stream as RTSP which makes it compatible with CCTV software like Shinobi, Zoneminder, or BlueIris. Then you can have that software do the motion detection events and expose an MJPEG stream or something compatible with OH sitemaps or HABPanel.

I don’t know if it’s possible to integrate the stream with Chromecast but that is almost certainly mosly going to be handled outside of openHAB.

Thank you @rlkoshak,

the reason why I asked of it if OH compatible (in any sorte of way and form) it is because the producer advertises as " Works with Alexa and Google Assistant"…

There are multiple ways I would try to integrate… (if easier :)) it comes with onboard motion detection sensor, therefore definitely it could fire off many things :wink:

if it integrates with “Alexa and Google Assistant”, would it be easy to do so with OH as well???

in case is not, what is an alternative that that easily talk with OH? what are the use-cases for people to have such integration?

Thank you again

did a bit more of googling on the topic…

IFTTT seems to be integrated with Wyze…

also the new Wyze firmware seems to nativelly connect with Home Assistant

any chance to have the same in openHab?

thank you all :slight_smile:

OH integrates with GA and Alexa which means Alexa and GA can see OH stuff. That doesn’t mean that GA it Alexa exposes anything to OH. It’s a one way street and we get nothing.

Like I said, search the forum for the IP Camera binding and read the thread. You should find it what is possible. B it’s pretty minimal. But oh does have good integration with the CCTV software I mentioned.

There is no support in OH for RTSP and Wyze doesn’t have an API. But all of the CCTV software I mentioned do support RTSP.

It would be nice to be able to tell Chromecast to show the stream from the camera, upon motion detection, controlled/decided by openhab. I haven’t jumped into the whole camera thing myself yet, as every time I looked, it seemed too hard.

That is very easy to do with any camera that creates h264 video streams and RTSP works as the source. Just see the very first post of the ipcamera binding thread for a list of cameras that people have reported back as working with the binding.